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Zhejiang Shengzhou Weixing Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive , it is in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province and is one of the key manufacturing companies in China's CNC spring machinery industry. The existing series of equipment in the field of self-developed spring manufacturing is a technology company with high precision technology development as its main fulcrum.
I. Business content
Weixing Automation Technology co., ltd is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of industrial robots, wire forming equipment, CNC spring machines and other automation equipment. Customized products can be designed to meet the requirements of customers. Specializing in the manufacturing of nine-axis CNC spring machines, 12-axis CNC spring rotating forming machines, 3-D wire spring machines, six-axis large-scale CNC spring machines, tempering furnace spring machine and other dozens of varieties. A full range of CNC spring equipment with a range of diameter from 0.03 mm to 25mm can be produced.
II. after-sales service
Weixing Automation Technology Team is composed of professionals who have been engaged in the spring machinery industry for more than 10 years. To improve the professional pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services in place, it has won the trust and praise of domestic and foreign customers. The company has focused on quality management on the basis of technological innovation. The service level has been continuously improved, and a long-term good partnership has been established with large spring factories at home and abroad, which has achieved a sound development of the company's business.
III. Corporate culture
   We have a young, keen, energetic and ambitious team, adhering to the principles of professional, passionate and innovative development, adhering to customer-oriented and credit-based service guidelines, and taking advantage of our own expertise in automation technology development. Carefully solve the most urgent and practical needs of users, with high-quality products, advanced technology to provide users with perfect services.
Brand spirit
    High end, frontier, precision, truth-seeking.
Core values
     Customer Based: Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Success
    Innovation and Realism: Based on Facts, Dare to Imagine, Dare to Explore

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Quality is the life of an enterprise. In order to protect your life, please establish a quality assurance system for your enterprise. Market like water, enterprises like boats, quality like rudder, people are the helmsman。